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Tue, Feb. 6th, 2007, 01:20 am
naked_surfer: (no subject)

Hi, just wondering if there's anyone here who wants to put a band together? I play the guitar and I'm into metal and indie. Although im willing to play pretty much anything :)

Tue, Mar. 29th, 2005, 06:47 pm
obcom: Free gig!

click flyer for band website!

Tue, Jan. 11th, 2005, 02:18 pm
brighton_bands: Post post post!!!!


Sun, Dec. 26th, 2004, 05:17 pm
brighton_bands: Great place for unsigned bands

Here is a great place for unsigned bands to promote gig's give press releases and post up mp3's for the world to hear check out http://admin.bands.meefo.com/

Sun, Dec. 26th, 2004, 04:28 pm
abtrax_jimmy: hmmm

um watch out for Shadow Of Light and Kodpeice :-) etc etc etc

Sun, Dec. 26th, 2004, 04:06 pm
brighton_bands: Start Posting People!!

a place to promote gig's, review gigs etc